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Content Management

   Elcadia believes in quick and efficient solutions to problems. The advantage of CMS (Content Management System) is that it can be used by an administrator with no knowledge in the field to make modifications in the contents of a web site.

   CMS uses a data base; all you have to do is log in, modifying an online page is pretty simple. You then click the Save button. Changes will be made in the data base, and after you save, they will be visible on the site. CMS also allows the change of images in a site, the administration of advertisement banners. This CMS includes a Login page, an Administration page, and other dynamic PHP pages, useful to the application.


  • It has an interface similar to that from Microsoft Word, which allows both the insertion of information and their editing. Anyone who desires a complex edited content can make use of this interface that contains:
      - the WISING editor and  font and background colors selection;
      - the window for creating html tables as well as the one for inserting images.
  • The automatic insertion of the content in the layout of the page. Thus, the entire site will be graphically consistent.
  • The creation and automatic update of the navigation menu, without the possibility of broken or dysfunctional links.
      -  structure management- of page categories and subcategories.
  • Creating users that can edit the site in well-defined sections – if you need simultaneous content editing by different persons, with no connections between the edited/created pages..

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