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   Elcadia offers you a wide range of multimedia services in order to give your company an imposing image on the market

  • CD of presentation:
       The CD of presentation is imperative for any company, be it new on the market or a company that already has a name in the field. Elcadia offers you the cd of presentation under the form of flash animations that last a few minutes, regarding the history of the company, its principles, an overall or detailed presentation of its products, contact information, etc. The form of the CD can be normal or mini CD.
       Such a CD will run when put into the CD-Rom (autorun), in Fullscreen mode, with sound options in the background, with an Intro and also the option to skip the Intro, and also with a dynamic content- menus and interactive pages.

  • Interactive Flash maps:
      We believe that it is very important for a company to be easy to find. That is why we are at your service with animated maps containing the positioning of your company or of its branches, or with different maps for lines of merchandise distribution.

  • Design files, folders, business cards, leaflets::
      A successful firm is in a permanent change, in a permanent evolution. Change also involves smaller, but important things. Elcadia offers you the following services:
    - design/ redesign business cards
    - design/ redesign presentation files
    - design/ redesign product or product wrapper
    - design/ redesign leaflets.

  • Vector graphic:
      Elcadia creates a wide range of vector images, icons, character drawings in Corel Draw, vector images for books/magazine’s covers, cartoons, vector imitations of images/pictures etc.
      The advantage of these images is that they can be scaled up, and the quality remains the same.

  • E-cards for special events and holidays:
      Because we know how important is for you to be close to the ones that matter in your life, and also to your business partners, especially around the holidays, Elcadia offers you e-cards for special events such as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, but also personalized e-cards for different occasions ( birthdays, anniversaries).

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