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You don't need to have the skills in-house.

When a company wants to increase its outreach efforts, it may discover that it needs a Web site to do this effectively and efficiently. However, not all companies have the skills on staff or the time necessary to develop an effective site. That's when outsourcing Web projects provided by Elcadia can be an effective solution.

We are offering the following outsourcing services:

1. Development (Web based, multi-tier distributed applications, client server PHP + MYSQL):

a) Creation of project specifications
b) Project analysis and design
c) Programming( PHP)
d) Quality insurances (code checking and tests)
e) Deployment support

2. Code reviews

3. Design (web and user interfaces design)

4. Consulting in:

a) marketing
b) e-business
c) web design&content
d) web site promotion

5. Web advertising (own newsletter)

6. Training and support services